Whether you are a clinical aromatherapist looking at the most effective way for your client to use their prescriptive blend or you’re looking for a safe way of using essential oils around the home or workplace, a diffuser may be the best option.

In its simplest form it allows us to cover unpleasant odours with an aroma more pleasing to our senses. By placing my diffuser in the hallway of our home it freshens the entrance and stimulates the relaxation response when we arrive home.

Using a diffuser to project essential oils into the air around us brings many therapeutic properties, especially when appropriate oils are used. It has been known to be effective in combating headaches and stress, respiratory conditions,  physical and mental fatigue and so much more.

As a mum of three children I find my diffuser invaluable during times of illness. I know as soon as one child comes down with a sickness bug or a seasonal cold, that bug is going to try and run rampant through all members of the family. Nothing sends me running to my diffuser quicker than the risk of catching a sickness bug! I use essential oils that disinfect the air and boost the immune system to help improve the health of my precious family.

Choosing to invest in a diffuser was an easy decision as, having three young children in the house, it made burning candles a risk and as a mother, with a busy hectic life , making sure I had extinguished the candle was something else to think about for my tired mind. We teach our students in The Well School the importance of storing essential oils correctly so that the oils stay unchanged.  Heat, light and oxygen dramatically changes the molecular structure of an essential oils, so burning a candle to release the vapour isn’t the most effective way of using the oils.

When I bought my first diffuser, I chose a bamboo vaporiser from Made By Zen. It was natural looking and subtle in its beauty. That’s where my love of diffusers began.  I have subsequently bought a few other designs; a colour changing one for my treatment room to induce an aroma of relaxation before clients settled on the couch; a beautiful glass one for my office which heals me with clarity and creativity; and then another in the school massage room so that students stay alert for learning. I believe my lovely husband thinks that I have enough vaporisers now, but, like with shoes, a girl can never have enough.

A guest blog by Caren Benstead, school principle of The Well School offering professional accredited aromatherapy diploma online and in-house