5 ways aromatherapy can improve your yoga practices

Aromatherapy and yoga are both ancient healing practices focused on physical, mental, and spiritual health. From lighting an aromatherapy candle, spritzing a wellness mist or turning on your aroma diffuser; here are 5 ways aromatherapy can improve your yoga practices…


The soothing and meditative properties of pure essential oils make them the perfect partner for yoga. Add a few drops to your aroma diffuser to deeply inhale the aromas, soothing the mind, body and soul. Try the Super Meditate pure essential oil blend, or Super Relax which both contain 100% natural oils that are expertly selected for their therapeutic benefits. Sink into your yoga practice with Bergamot, Ho wood, Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Cardamom.


Bright and zesty essential oils are known for their energising properties; bringing energy and positivity to your morning flow. Just a few drops of Grapefruit, Bergamot or Lemon pure essential to your aroma diffuser will make for a zingy burst to your morning, uplifting your mind and body naturally.


The environment in which you practice drastically affects your mind and mood, helping to set the scene for a calming and relaxing flow. Lighting an aromatherapy candle is an easy way to add a comforting glow to the room, whilst filling the air with the benefits of essential oils. An aroma diffuser in your yoga space will instantly create an aura of calm with light and scent. Don’t worry, you can still experience the benefits of aroma diffusers in your class or studio with these handy portable diffusers; simply charge by USB and pop in your gym bag. Try the portable Nomad aroma diffuser that has a soft glowing halo of light, totally Zen…


Essential oils are proven to ease stress and tension by promoting calm and relaxation. Oils like lavender, sweet orange or patchouli help to soothe your senses, as you inhale the benefits of pure essential oils. Add a few drops to your aroma diffuser and instantly feel relaxed throughout your practice. Enjoy the moment by de-stressing from a busy day, switching off, and feeling in the moment. It's perfect for a blissful Savasana...super Zen.


Spritz your mat with a Wellness Mist before you begin your practice, and take 3-5 deep breaths to inhale the aromas of pure essential oils. Try this Mediate Wellness mist that contains a grounding blend of vetiver, cedarwood, mandarin, black pepper, and sandalwood. The balancing and grounding properties instantly take effect to calm the senses, helping you to switch off from the outside world. A yoga mat spray is not only for relaxation, but essential oils like Lemon or Peppermint are known for their odour and bacteria-fighting properties. A few spritzes after practice will help keep your mat clean and fresh.