After seeing one of the diffusers where I work at the weekend, bought the Iris today and WOW. Fantastic. I was like a kid in a toy shop buying oils for it and a small fortune picking five. Now currently have the Love essential oil working and such a wonderful aroma.
J.I. Sheffield, UK

Just bought the iris. I’m in love. Best nights sleep in ages.
D.C. United Kingdom

Got my Iris diffuser yesterday & had my first good night sleep in a week i.e. no coughing fits (so a happy, well slept husband too!). On low plus intermittent stream of mist it did actually work through the night (& is still going!). The humidifying aspect clearly a perfect complement to my essential oils (which smelt amazing not being burned or even simply blown out I think). & I love the rainbow changing lamp light. Worthy investment overall. Thanks a lot Zen!
C.W. United Kingdom

I love your products. I have the Opus on my bedside table and loved it so much that I bought the soto for my lounge….. but I keep taking up to my studio too. Love the blends, I use ‘Sleep’ every night and my favourites are ‘Calm’ and ‘Tranquility’.
P.N. Manchester, UK

Looking forward to placing my oil order… every person who buys one of your oils from me (And there are lots! And lots of repeat business) without exception say that they have tried other oils in the past, but none of them stand up to the quality of the madebyzen ones… they have proved to be a great retail opportunity for us.
T.Q. Baildon, Shipley, UK

Win Naturally are thrilled to stock the wonderful madebyzen® diffusers which remain one of our best sellers throughout the year.
Julie Neville

Love my diffuser. it has transformed the feel of the room. I have been using the lavender scent which makes my bedroom feel like a spa! What I am surprised about is how such a small diffuser really fills the room. The added feature of automatic switch off makes me relax that I can fall asleep without the diffuser burning out.
J.H. Manchester, UK

Years ago, I bought the Bliss Aroma Diffuser for myself, and was so impressed with it, that I wanted to offer the same to my customer base. The following year, I stumbled across madebyzen® at a trade show, and I have to say, I am so pleased that I did. Their range has grown from strength to strength, and every product they sell is innovative, stylish and a true work of art. There are now many designs to choose from for any setting, and the customer service matches their products – it is exceptional. I would have no hesitation in recommending madebyzen products to anyone – you will be amazed how easy and yet effective their products are.
Thank you.
T.J.Q. Baildon, West Yorkshire, UK

I bought a zenbow and scent love I have two big dogs it is a lot better then plug ins saves money and keeps my house smelling lovely best buy ever it also sends my dogs to sleep I also bought my mum one for her birthday as she has dogs and she love it to x
A. Manchester, UK

Just got back from Mauritius where our hotel smelt of Orange and Cinnamon…lovely……………so bought a Zen diffuser and it’s just arrived and guess what??? Satsuma and Cinnamon oil was included! spooky or what! now transported back to Mauritius……BIG SIGH!
It lasts for ages too……..the whole room smells delicious!
K.C. United Kingdom

Just purchased the Soto diffuser. It’s an excellent product. The fragrance from burners can become harsh as the water evaporates, but with this it is consistently subtle throughout. Very attractive too.
M.L. Caversham, Reading, UK

Very pleased with it…looks really nice, contemporary & very unique….
The options of different colour lights and the added little mist coming out together makes it very relaxing…. The fragrances are nice as they are not too strong like many air fresheners and just gives that suttle smell in the room…. Good few hours of burning ….

Plug in is better than batteries and very easy to use and maintain
J.V. London, UK