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Boost your natural glow and keep your stress levels in check with our Travel Essentials Set.

The ideal solution when your complexion and your senses need an instant pick-me-up, the Eva Micro Diffuser & Face Spa releases a super-fine cooling mist that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Small and compact, it fits easily inside any handbag or desk drawer and is conveniently charged using a USB cable. The Eva Micro Diffuser & Face Spa is perfect for beauty on the go and travelling. 

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Simply add a few drops to the Eva to fill the air with the nourishing benefits of aromatherapy, whilst inhaling the irresistible scent.

1. Peppermint

Add 1-2 drops to Eva and feel the revitalizing cooling sensation of minty peppermint on the skin. The scent is super green and minty, it instantly awakens the senses to relieve brain fog and increase concentration. Evoking the feeling of jumping into a cold plunge pool.   

2. Lavender

Long known for its sleep properties, lavender is the hero of essential oils. We recommend using a few drops in the Eva before bed to mist over your bedding and pillow will encapsulate your environment in a blanket of calm.

3. Sweet Orange

As the name suggests, Sweet Orange is a bright and joyful sweet citrus scent that brings feelings of positivity, calm, and happiness whilst relieving stress. Add a few drops to Eva to carry around your personal mood-booster.

4. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is also an ideal essential oil for hay fever relief. It helps to clear sinuses and encourages deep breathing.


Eva Features
• Spill proof, perfect for on-the-go
• 15ml water tank capacity
• 60 seconds of continuous mist
• Suitable for use with any essential or fragrance oils (MADE BY ZEN oils recommended)
• Mini humidifier improves air quality
• Mist duration – 60 seconds
• No heat, so no degradation of essential oils
• Easy to clean
• USB rechargeable with red charging light (cable included)