Surround yourself in the healing power of essential oils. Walking into a beautifully scented environment is one of life’s little luxuries but using natural ingredients to create that wonderful environment is even better. A pleasing scent is not just for the senses but could change your mood. Smell is the most primitive of our senses and links to the areas of the brain governing memory and emotions. Essential oils can have dynamic effects on our emotional state. They could help to transform our moods and change our state of mind. Inspired by the healing properties of plants, madebyzen® brings you a range of essential oil blends, made with 100% natural essential oils and botanical extracts. The Botanicals range has been designed to treat your mind, body and soul whilst invigorating your senses. Knowing how important it is to you that our products are well sourced, we are pleased to say that all of these oils have been lovingly hand crafted and blended here in the UK, using the purest essential oils and botanical extracts. Regulatory Oils Information.