At madebyzen, we believe that salt lamps could help you not only breathe cleaner air but feel good as well. The recent article by Emma Pritchard in the online issue of Women’s Health makes for interesting reading. The article is a fantastic summation of the possible benefits of salt lamps for those that do not know much about them.

5 Salt Lamp Benefits to Have on Your Radar
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Emma Pritchard writes

“It’s a debate that’s been going on longer than Brexit – how healthy really is salt? But, if recent studies are anything to go by, the benefits hidden in this humble table condiment are becoming increasingly hailed in everything from reducing risk of heart disease and heart failure to preventing muscle cramps during exercise and improving sleep.
No wonder then that the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kimmy K and Oprah are reportedly fans.
Salt lamps are believed to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety”

5 Benefits of Salt Lamps

As with any alternative therapy, remember that what doesn’t work for someone else, could well bring around positive results in you; try it out for yourself, first, before making your final call.

Salt lamps can clean the air

Salt lamps can help you breathe easy

Salt lamps can make you sleep better

Salt lamps can improve your mood

Salt lamps can look pretty cool

The article also gives further advice on where the lamp should be placed, what to look for when buying salt lamps and how often the lamps should be used.

The madebyzen® Glo aroma diffuser and salt lamp is the ideal way to not only reap the benefits of Himalayan salt, but also aromatherapy. Add your favourite essential oil to also breathe in aromas to set the mood, from invigorating to calming. This diffuser and lamp are the ideal wellbeing gift to bestow on loved ones this Christmas.