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Royal Collection

Stylish and chic, the new ‘Royal’ range of scented oils from leading home fragrance brand MadeByZen™ celebrates indulgence and extravagance, with a selection of modern and of-the-moment fragrances which can help to create a truly special ambience in your home. From the sensual ‘Damascus’ fragrance to the deep and intense ‘Petra’ aroma, the new ‘Royal’ range of oils incorporates a collection of scents blending premium absolutes and ingredients. The smooth exotic aromas that immediately entice the senses are elegantly packaged in eye-catching black bottles topped with matt gold lids.

Warm, sensual and aromatic, this fragrance creates an air of exoticism and mystery. Vanilla and exotic blooms are blended with anise and a hint of amber, vetiver, musk and sandalwood to create a unique scent that is soothing and luxurious.

Warm and deeply intense amber with a hint of frankincense is softened by vanilla, cedar and labdanum. This opulent scent is rich, dark and mysterious.

Capturing the essence of elegance and evoking the image of lingering sunshine and sophistication of a Florentine summer, ‘Firenze’ is a sunny, warm and refreshing scent with unisex appeal. Vetiver, citrus and floral blooms of tuberose and jasmine are warmed with sandal and amber. Hints of leather, artemisia, oakmoss and patchouli lighten the fragrance.

A fresh and feminine fragrance that is suited to a free spirit with a sense of chic, ‘Versailles’ captures the creativity and individuality of contemporary living. The rich combination of powdery peony, freesia, tuberose and hyacinth are lifted by lychee, orris and benzoin. Rose, amber, sandal and musk bring out pure sensuality and elegance making it the perfect fragrance for any modern home.

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