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Pearl – Mercura – Vitra
Pliny the Elder, a famous Roman philosopher, reported a serendipitous tale of how Phoenician traders were the first to stumble upon glass manufacturing techniques. It is said that the merchants were preparing their meals on the shore of the Belus River using Nitrum from their ships to prop up their cooking pots. The Nitrum fused with the sands of the shore and there flowed streams of translucent liquid glass.

The Nitrum collection of glass aroma diffusers from madebyzen captures the essence of artisanal glass art. Our designers have combined both ancient and modern cutting edge techniques to create a visually stunning, modern and on trend range of diffusers. Blending perfectly with any decor, the Nitrum Aroma Diffusers generate soft ambient light through low energy LED bulbs which help you relax. These elegant diffusers will make your living space feel like an expensive spa as it disperses the soft fragrance of your choice and scatters soft ambient light around your room.

The Nitrum Mercura is a stylish and elegant aroma diffuser. It has a mottled silver glass dome shaped cover with an iridescent exterior.

The Pearl aroma diffuser adds elegance to any décor with its mother of pearl style glass mosaic finish. It emits a soft light to create a calming atmosphere in a darkened room. The luminous mosaic creates a captivating display as it bounces natural or artificial light onto ceilings and walls.

The Vitra Aroma Diffuser makes a sculptural addition to any space as there is a simplicity to the design that allows it to fit into any setting. Vitra has a geometric shape which is perfect for injecting a strong Scandinavian design element to your space.

The Nitrum diffusers also have intermittent mist control, which will automatically switch the diffusion of scent and mist on and off every few seconds, which is ideal when using stronger scents. The Nitrum automatically shuts off when the water falls below a certain level, effecting complete safety and ideal for use around children or pets

Used without a fragrance or essential oil, you can still enjoy the benefits of the humidifying mist, which is ideal for counteracting some of the dryness created by today’s central heating and air conditioning systems.

To learn more about our ultrasonic aroma diffusers click here.

Technical Specifications:

Power: 7W
Voltage: DC 24V

Nitrum operating instructions

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