Create the perfect ambience with madebyzen’s luxurious, unique and highly fragranced room sprays.
Instantly transform your surroundings with a simple spritz – welcome friends and family, awaken the senses or create a calm, tranquil and relaxing environment for yourself.

Our Signature Room Sprays are enriched with the finest fragrances and will refresh your home with a burst of enticing and captivating scent.
Made in Italy, these room scents have been created with the help of our highly skilled perfumers using state of the art technology that delivers the maximum amount of scent with each spray.

Choose from of our exquisite selection of truly irresistible scent options all of which are gorgeously delightful:
Serenity – a gorgeous combination of Peony, White Rose, Honeysuckle, Musk & Sandalwood creates a perfect bouquet which is beautifully pretty, soft, soothing and serene.

Fresh Mint & Grapefruit – A stunning combination fresh, crisp Mint, zesty Grapefruit & hints of warming Ginger creates a delicate fragrance to awaken your senses and refresh your mind.

Moroccan Rose – A carefully selected blend of some of the world’s most exquisite roses with added amber & musk, which creates a clean and delightful fragrance, which is a truly romantic homage to the rose.

Exotic Passion – An exotic combination of Himalayan Cedar, Musk, Passion Fruit, Amyris Oil & Tiare flowers creating an amazingly sensual, very sexy & very lasting scent option.

Black – A magnetically attractive fragrance, which is masculine yet gentle. The freshness of mint and lavender mixed with subtle spice and softened with vanilla delivers and absolutely irresistible fragrance.

Our delightful collection of Signature Room Sprays, are the ideal way to instantly refresh and fragrance your surroundings. Simply spritz to release a burst of enticing scent.

RRP £14.99
100ml 3.38fl.oz.
Made in Italy.