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The Marina Aroma Diffuser is inspired by the magnificent trinity of the Moon, Sun and the Earth along with the gravitational forces which cause the rise and fall of sea levels creating tides and awe-inspiring rainbows, which fill our skies with colour.

Escape to an undiscovered ocean utopia by adding tap water and a few drops of your favourite essential or fragrance oil to the Marina. Utilising modern ultrasonic technology a delicate, cool, scented mist will cascade into the air, allowing you to relax into a calming serenity.

The Marina transits from one colour to the next. The gentle movement between each colour allows the Marina to simulate the sea as the tide slowly comes in and out, lulling you into a relaxed state of mind. As you are brought closer to your own personal haven, whilst you imitate an ocean inhaling and exhaling through the motion of its waves, the light can be paused on your preferred colour so you can take delight in the steady glow that emits into your home. To fully immerse you into a calm and tranquil world, the light and mist can be used at the same time.

The mood light can also be used alone without the mist, making the Marina a stunning decorative mood lamp or ideal night light.

It can also be used without the light at night, sending you into a gentle aroma enriched slumber.

The Marina has an intermittent misting mode, ideal for using stronger scents or where extended use is required.

Our heatless technology is believed to be the best way to diffuse any fragrance into the atmosphere, as without direct heat, the healing properties of essential oils are not degraded.

The Marina automatically shuts off when the water level falls below a certain level, effecting complete safety and ideal for use around young children or pets.


Product Size: Φ152mm × 172mm
Voltage: DC 24V
Power: 12W
Water Capacity: 200ml
RRP: £54.99

Marina operating instructions

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