Ancient philosophies believe that the lotus flower represents the achievement of enlightenment: the flower grows in muddy water, and symbolises rising above the debris to bloom and blossom. The white lotus flower in particular, by which the Lotus Aroma Diffuser is inspired, is especially associated with a cleansing or purifying of the mind. It is representative of being in a state of spiritual perfection.

The pink lotus represents the highest divinity. The red lotus is symbolic of the purity of the heart; of love, passion and compassion and the blue lotus represents the power of the spirit and senses; signifying the wisdom of knowledge. The purple lotus represents the beauty of the final stage of enlightenment.

The Lotus Aroma Diffuser is the perfect way to enhance a person’s me-time with fragrance, colour and light. Modern ultrasonic technology is used to diffuse tap water and fragrance or essential oil into the air in a plume of fine mist and fragrance allowing you to relax into a calming serenity. The humidifying mist is a delight for tired, dehydrated skin and leaves you pampered inside and out.

With colour changing mood lighting and the option to choose a colour and intensity that most helps to centre and relax you, the Lotus can balance the mind and calm the spirit. For night time, you can disable the light function to ensure that your night of bliss is not disturbed. The Lotus aroma diffuser can also be used as a mood lamp (without water), making it ideal for use as a night light.


The Lotus automatically shuts off when the water falls below a certain level, effecting complete safety.

Specifications for Lotus Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser:

Product size:  165mm x 125mm
Power: AC 100-240 v
Voltage: 13V DC
Water capacity: 250 ml

RRP: £49.99

Lotus operating instructions

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