Fields brimming with purple abundance – riotous swathes of floral delight. Plum-hued herbs decorating our gardens and patios. A glorious scent filling the air with its heady fragrance, each waft of the breeze delivering us a fresh new bouquet. There’s only one plant it could possibly be – lavender!

If you were able to ‘bottle’ the very essence summer – you’d probably end up with something very much like this remarkable herb.

Lavender flowers from the Summer right through to the Autumn. As well as the familiar mauve-purple flowers there are also pink and white varieties. Above all, lavender is extremely useful and versatile. This is one herb you shouldn’t be without!

What’s more – after several centuries languishing amongst the culinary ‘also-rans’ – it’s back in fashion. To pollinating insects however (being much more sensible) lavender has never gone out of fashion! Bees are magnetically drawn to the nectar-rich bounty.

Even though lavender is a common herb, some of its most useful properties are not well known. It was introduced to Britain by the Romans and was used medicinally in the middle ages. It has been used to cure a range of ailments, from headache relief to protection from the plague.

Lavender is also useful around the house and is still used for scenting laundry. Alan Titchmarsh recommends draping freshy laundered tea towels and tablecloths over lavender bushes so that they pick up a fresh floral fragrance as they dry in the sun. He also suggests dropping a bundle of lavender straw (the dried stems left over after stripping off the flowers) into your pond to help clear the water if it turns green in spring.

If you need something to keep biting insects at bay, which plant makes an excellent natural repellent? – why lavender of course. The ‘lavandin’ variety of lavender is high in camphor which repels bugs. It can be planted near to the seating area in your garden or sited besides windows to deter insects from entering the house.

However, when it comes to actual fragrances, this is one scent most of us are familiar with. Even if you haven’t knowingly encountered the plant itself, you will probably be familiar with its distinctive and unique fragrance. These days it is used in many scented products that are available in the market – skincare, hair care, body care, detergents and of course perfumes.

Lavender essential oil plays a starring role in some of the madebyzen scents. Our Classic Pure Lavender Oil is sourced from Provence, France and is light, floral and fresh. This makes an ideal aromatherapy starter oil. Lavender can help to relax, calm, reduce anxiety, emotional stress and aid restful sleep.

If you’re not yet convinced of the benefits of this mauve-marvel – why not try it for yourself?

Embark on your very own lavender journey for the senses!


‘Sunrise on the Lavender Fields in Valensole in Provence’ photo by Matheus Swanson   (photo cropped) License Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic
Lemon & Lavender Possets from Delicious Magazine:
Lavender Decorative Wreath from

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