The Marton Suite (co-loctaed low dependency labour suite at the James Cook University Hospital) is a 7-bed facility of individual en-suite rooms.  The ethos of the unit is to provide women with holistic family centred individualised care.  As a unit, we are very aware of how important the environment is to women and we strive to ensure that they are empowered and encouraged to take control through the natural process of childbirth.

As a trust we actively support the use of aromatherapy in the form of a massage and water immersion during labour, but we felt everyone may not be able to access the benefits of aromatherapy as they may not like massage or may be unable to enjoy water immersion.  As a result, we have recently introduced aromatherapy diffusers into our rooms.  The diffusers safely and softly scent the room.  We only use pregnancy safe oils, and these are Lavender, Mandarin and Frankincense.   Depending upon the oils used and the blend concentrations, they can completely alter the room dynamic.

Lavender promotes relaxation and has a calming effect.

Frankincense relieves the feeling of fear and encourages ‘letting go’.

Mandarin and Lavender together as a blend has a cleaning aroma, simplifies things and reduces over thinking.

Together or individually with the use of a diffuser, these oils can have such a beneficial effect on labouring women, their birth supporters and the atmosphere of the room as a whole. 

Placed in the corner of the room, the diffuser is non-intrusive but at the same time pleasing to the eye.  A gentle smoke like vapour is emitted either constantly or pulsed at regular intervals into the atmosphere. At the same time the diffuser produces a beautiful light which can either change through different colour options or can be paused on the colour of choice.

If requested they are easily removed from the room, cleaned and ready for their next use. 

They have been a welcome addition to the Marton Suite and have been much admired.  Most importantly they have been of great benefit to our women and their families which has assisted them to have a positive birth experience within our unit.