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    Sacred geometric shapes have been part of the Zen culture for centuries. They still inspire wonder and awe today. It is believed these revered shapes promote healing and bestow inner peace. Geometry and meditation are in ancient combination, we hope the natural rhythms and individual expression found in madebyzen® latest creation; The Geo Aroma Diffuser will help focus on health and deliver wellbeing and inner calm as well as delighting senses with your favourite fragrances.

    The Geo Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser offers a calming colour changing mood light, which gradually transcends through the complete colour spectrum with the option to select your favourite colour light, whilst magically filling your space with a cool fragranced mist.

    Modern, ultrasonic technology is used to break up tap water and Fragrance or Essential Oil into minute particles which effectively diffuse into the air in a plume of fine mist; calming the mind, body & soul.

    • Aroma Diffuser
    • Sleep mode – allows you to use the Aroma Diffuser without light, making it ideal for night time use
    • Colour changing mood lighting – gradually changes through the complete colour spectrum
    • Favourite colour selection
    • Mini humidifier
    • Auto shut off – added safety feature

    Specifications for Geo Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser:

    Product size: 116 x 121 x 132mm
    Power: 12W
    Voltage: 12V DC
    Run time: Approximately 4 hours
    Water capacity: 120 ml

    RRP: £49.99

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    To learn more about our ultrasonic aroma diffusers click here.

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