How can it get much better than having a four-day weekend and short weeks either side?

Here at madebyzen HQ, we cannot wait for our Easter break as it holds special memories with our families. Some of our team have shared their personal experiences of Easter:

Amelia, CST: During my time at Primary school we would go to mass and celebrate the life of Jesus and his resurrection. The day would be filled with making Easter cards and gifts to give to the family during the Easter weekend. I would visit the family during Good Friday and Easter Sunday and exchange Easter eggs.

Rosalind, NBD: Arranging an Easter hunt for the family; Spending hours making Easter hats and baskets for Georgia to not wear but Jordie my friends Son loved them and wore them with pride and a big smile.

Knowing there’s an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, having my eggs lined up on the shelf and tormenting my bothers because they had eaten theirs and I still had mine 😊

The only day the shops were closed.

Going to my nannys for Easter Sunday dinner.

Daffodils on the table.

A happy time

Natalie, PD: ‘Waking up on Easter morning to the smell of Mum cooking ‘Torrijas’ a Spanish Easter tradition, similar to the English eggy bread infused with orange, cinnamon and other lovely spices. The ultimate Easter breakfast, followed by an Easter egg treasure hunt around the garden with all the family’

However, you spend Easter weekend, diffusing certain Essential or Fragrance oils help to enhance your celebration. Remember, smell evokes memories. 😊

Easter egg hunt

If you are building an Easter egg hunt for your children, it can get super competitive and messy! Not to forget the eggs need to be placed where you can remember.

Diffusing our Euphoria (before) and Relax (after) will help create the mood.


EUPHORIA: EUPHORIA: Patchouli, cinnamon & lavender. A rich and luxurious blend. Lifts the mood, relaxes tension and adds warmth and energy.

EUPHORIA Purity Essential Oil Blend

RELAX: Sweet anise, lavender, vetiver, amber and spice. A beautiful blend of lavender and vetiver, warmed by amber and sweet anise. Alluring yet relaxing, this blend is light, fresh and full of spring.

RELAX Purity Essential Oil Blend

Easter Sunday

This may be a quiet day with the family, going for a walk, cooking a special meal for you and your loved ones, whatever you’re doing, we have a scent to help you set the tone.

Try the following from our Signature range:

Fragrance blends of following will be perfect for this type of day:

SERENITY: Beautifully pretty and soothing blend of peony, white rose, honeysuckle, musk and sandalwood

Serenity Signature Fragrance Oil

FIG AND CASSIS: Create an air of opulent luxury with this temptingly lush fragrance. Ripe figs, damsons and cassis blended with white scented flowers and rich, resinous wood.

Fig & Cassis Signature Fragrance Oil

We hope you enjoyed our Easter special edition blog and would love to hear about which fragrances you use to enhance your festivities.