Coming down in the morning for my cherished ‘me time’ before the house bursts into life, a ray of sunlight shines through the window and warms my feet – suddenly I’m transported.

Morning coffee in hand, I’m miles away – my reverie is filled with thoughts of dream holidays. Places I’ve visited and would love to see again and places I’ve only read about.

The first destination in my mental odyssey is Greece – I’m back at the villa on Naxos I stayed at some years ago. The Aegean Sea and the sky above is the backdrop with a blue so blue it looks photoshopped. Remembered fragrances of cyclamen and cedarwood put me right back in the scene better than any holiday snap could do.
I’m eating figs picked straight from the garden – wonderful, succulent and oh so…’figgy’ – a world away from the dried, pre-packaged shop-bought variety.

My next stop is Italy and a remembered walk through the sun-drenched Tuscan countryside. In the distance I can hear the faint sound of goat bells and all around the constant buzzing of bees.

I pass gardens where an aromatic breeze of jasmine, rose and lily excites the senses, then on to a grove, fruit trees laden with Bergamots. As I picture the scene I can almost taste the fresh, citrussy tang of Bergamia.

 Riad el Fenn, Marrakech. © 2013 El Fenn
Riad el Fenn, Marrakech. © 2013 El Fenn

Before I know it I’m in Morrocco, a place I’ve heard and seen so much about but have never visited. My imagination is whisked off to Casablanca thanks to the magic carpet of my mind. I’m following in the footsteps of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and experiencing the giddy feeling of romance evoked by that iconic film.

My Morroccan fantasy is enhanced by a smell I know well – my ‘Casblanca Lily’ scent. This sensual cocktail of lily, jasmine and violet blended with musk and amber envelopes me in a soft-focus haze of well–being.

The final leg of my imagined travelogue takes me further afield. Across the Pacific Ocean, I’m transported to my ultimate dream destination – Tahiti! I’m on one of this magical island’s famed white sandy beaches, with the warm shallow water of the crystal clear ocean lapping around my feet.

The sights and sounds that fill my senses are almost a definition of the word ‘exotic’. This sensory banquet is topped off with another familiar fragrance – ‘Tiare Santal’. The blend of Tahitian tiare, jasmine sambac, tuberose and ylang ylang are the perfect accompaniment to my Polynesian daydream.

The sudden clatter of newly woken family members jolts me back into the room. The day has begun in earnest with its demands and challenges. I’m content, though, in the knowledge that tomorrow I can conjure up some more holiday dreams with the wonderful things I can see and hear… and a whole world of fragrances.

Bora Bora – image courtesy of Leonardo on Flickr

Top photo – ‘Tuscan Landscape’ courtesy Eric Huybrechts on Flickr

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