Start the New Year with a new you and restore your inner balance for the year ahead. Boost your mental wellbeing and clear your mind of the clutter that has accumulated over the festive period with a few small changes.

 Begin 2019 with a positive outlook, creating small goals, aspirations and challenges to help focus and stimulate your mind.

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, it can be difficult to reduce stress and enhance mental clarity with our busy work schedules and life’s little distractions, but spending time by yourself to refresh can help you feel centred and less anxious. Curl up in an armchair with your favourite book and take time out from your day – for a more immersive experience switch on your aroma diffuser and choose a rich and comforting fragrance.

Our family and friends play an important role in our lives and can impact how we think and feel. By considering their wellbeing, it can have a positive effect on our own. Enhance your family’s wellness by reducing stress and promoting serenity. Spend quality time together, whether you’re catching up over coffee or watching a film – it is important to take time to re-connect with the people we love.

Feeling stressed and anxious?  Create a calming atmosphere to help clear your mind and reset for the rest of your day with Zen on the Go®. Choose your favourite calming essential oil and take time to enjoy the fragrance dispersing from your aroma diffuser.  The ideal way to achieve clarity in the midst of a gruelling day at the office or to soothe your soul whilst on the move.

Enjoy an indulgent moment to truly relax and unwind. Try painting or practicing yoga – do something you really love, to ensure you reset your mind and release your worries to prepare for a new day. If you’re struggling to wind down consider listening to music, taking a bath or switching on your aroma diffuser and immersing yourself in gentle mood lighting and delicate fragrances.

Our quality of sleep can impact our health and wellbeing, affecting our mood and concentration, which in turn can cause unnecessary stress. Start the day feeling nourished and content after a deep and blissful sleep, which can help focus the mind and lift your mood. If you are finding it difficult to drift off, limit how much time you spend on electronic devices before bed and consider using scent to aid your sleep with an aroma diffuser. Let your body relax into a fragrance enriched slumber to soothe and revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood are all fragrances that promote restful sleep and have a calming effect when you are feeling stressed or worried.

 Take a look at our latest video to see how you can begin a new wellness journey in the New Year: