Botanicals Range full

Inspired by the healing properties of plants, madebyzen® brings you a new range of essential oil blends which use the purest essential oils and botanical extracts. The Botanicals range has been designed to treat your mind, body and soul whilst invigorating your senses. Knowing how important it is to you that our products are well sourced, we are pleased to say that all of these oils have been lovingly hand crafted and blended here in the UK, using the purest essential oils and botanical extracts.


Formulated to encourage inner peace and stillness and to help reduce the stresses of everyday life
• Geranium – a relaxing and balancing oil that calms restlessness and anxiety
• Palmarosa – relaxes, destresses
• Frankincense – uplifting and harmonising. ideal aid for meditation
• Marjoram – warming
• Benzoin – soothing, stimulating and also helps to quieten the mind of chatter


A sumptuous blend to stimulate and tantalise the senses.
• Patchouli – stimulating and strengthening, evokes warmth
• Palmarosa – relaxes, destresses
• Rosemary – rejuvenating, strengthening and stimulating
• Jasmine – heightens the senses, promotes relaxation
• Sandalwood – spiritually uplifting, restorative and known for its aphrodisiacal properties


A relaxing blend to help de-stress and unwind
• Lavandin – good for deep tissue. Relaxes without making you sleepy
• Lavender – relaxes
• Cypress – A respiratory oil that helps breathing and to calm
• Clary sage – anti-anxiety properties


Cleanse and detox with this blend of oils to increase your energy flow and help with your overall wellbeing
• Grapefruit – has detoxifying effect whilst calming symptoms of irritability, anger and overheating, also a wonderful pick-me-up
• Black pepper – energising, warming and stimulating
• Juniper Berry – warming and stimulating, promotes optimism

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