Easter Fun

How can it get much better than having a four-day weekend and short weeks either side? Here at madebyzen HQ, we cannot wait for our Easter break as it holds…
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Your Sleep Ritual

As it is World Sleep Day, we are sharing some tips to help you get some blissful shut-eye. It is essential to get the right amount of sleep to maintain…
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Celebrate the New Year with a New You

 Start the New Year with a new you and restore your inner balance for the year ahead. Boost your mental wellbeing and clear your mind of the clutter that has…
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Why we should we use a diffuser

Whether you are a clinical aromatherapist looking at the most effective way for your client to use their prescriptive blend or you’re looking for a safe way of using essential oils…
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Surviving Christmas Stress

‘Christmas comes but once a year and when it does it brings good cheer’. Well that’s the theory – in practice the cheery stuff can be in woefully short supply.…
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Searching for the Happy Place

  I really, really want to win the lottery. I’m not greedy just two or three million would do.  All the things I’ve ever wanted  would be within my grasp…
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Lagom – it’s just right

There are two kinds of people – those who believe ‘more is better’ and those for whom ‘less is more’. For some people, if one pudding is a good thing…
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Lavender – what’s not to like!

Fields brimming with purple abundance – riotous swathes of floral delight. Plum-hued herbs decorating our gardens and patios. A glorious scent filling the air with its heady fragrance, each waft…
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