Even though the leaves are falling, we see fewer hours of sunlight and there is a definite chill in the air, we are so excited about the arrival of Autumn! Here are some of the wonderful things we, at madebyzen, love about Autumn.

Antonia says:

For most people outside the UK weather system, Summer is a tough act to follow. Autumn forces us all to wave goodbye to Summer, and often makes people SAD – even in the UK.


It’s a good job Autumn rocks in visual treats of sound and vision. Autumn decorates our journey to work and colours our regular daily views of the world, making it magical and somehow different, even for adults.

In our house it’s known as Mama Nature’s Cornflakes, and we love to go stomping through crispy Autumn leaves (providing the Manchester rain hasn’t got in early). We collect ‘special’ specimens of fallen goodies (pine cones, acorns, conkers) and usually fill our pockets.

Home they come, where they proceed to live in the pages of books and are rediscovered years later in random drawers while rummaging for something else.


Crunching leaves requires a guilt free mindset and a ‘who cares’ persona.
If you’re going to feel bad about the leaf, or worry about looking silly – don’t bother.
You only get one crunch per leaf.
It’s a little exercise, fresh air, stress relief and seasonal free fun, all in one.
Happy stomping!

Lois says:
As the leaves turn to gold, and the nights draw in, I love seeing the local wildlife, hedgehogs and squirrels, finding their places to hibernate before the winter sets in.

One of my earliest memories is of my Dad rescuing an injured hedgehog, nursing “Hedgepig” back to health and releasing him back into the wild in our local woods.

To Hedgepig, I hope you lived a long and happy life.



There are lots of other things we love about Autumn; hot chocolate, scarves, hats and boots, great TV and festive scents like madebyzen’s Cinnamon & Cloves.

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Anne Worner
Chris Besett

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